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All pasta, except for lasagne and canelloni can be changed for brown fusilli or no gluten casarecce

Spaghetti bolognese £9.95

Traditional homemade meat sauce

Spaghetti with oak roasted salmon £10.95

Creamy white wine sauce, broccoli & fennel


Spicy sausage spaghetti £10.95

Fennel, broccoli & light tomato sauce

Spaghetti with tiger prawns £11.85

Creamy white wine sauce, garlic, chilli & cherry tomatoes

Courgette & spinach rigatoniVegetarian £9.25

Spinach, garlic & chilli in white wine, pine nuts & crispy courgettes

Peri-peri chicken penne £10.95

Spicy chicken, cream, spinach & cherry tomatoes

Baked spaghetti carbonara £10.95

Bèchamel sauce with pancetta & a parmesan crust

Homemade lasagne £11.25

Layers of pasta, cheese, bèchamel sauce & bolognese

Baked chicken & mushroom penne pasta £11.25

Creamy mushroom sauce topped with melted cheese


Homemade meatball & bolognese cannelloni £10.95

Rolled pasta, bèchamel sauce & cheese, baked in the oven

We cannot guarantee our dishes are nut or allergen free, this may include airborne gluten particles. For detailed allergy information please speak to your server. Dishes with fish my contain bones and some olives may have stones.

An optional service charge of 10% will be added to tables of seven or more.


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