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Funghi £11.95

chestnut, shiitake & oyster mushrooms, white wine & fresh thyme, truffle oil, Riserva cheese shavings

  • + add chicken £13.95
Smoked haddock & poached egg £12.50

garden peas, baby spinach, creamy English mature cheddar

Seafood £12.95

calamari, prawns, mussels, baby spinach, grilled courgette, chilli, white wine

Chicken & 'Nduja sausage £12.95

spicy Calabrian sausage, chicken, crispy Italian ham, edamame beans, white wine, garlic

We cannot guarantee our dishes are nut or allergen free, this may include airborne gluten particles. For detailed allergy information please speak to your server. Dishes with fish my contain bones and some olives may have stones.

An optional service charge of 10% will be added to tables of seven or more.